If you want to share your commitment to excellence in a physician-friendly, physician run environment CAC is your ideal partner.

CAC is a physician-owned practice commited to excellence

At CAC, our mission is to provide the best pediatric care for children in the hospital setting. Our focus on the synergy provided through the interaction of pediatric emergency, hospitalist and critical care units is unique in the healthcare industry and helps CAC provide hospitals and patients with efficient, quality care and allows for a sense of continuity for families throughout the hospital encounter. We understand the crucial role our physicians play in the quality of service provided to patients, families and the communities they live in. We also understand that every physician has unique needs and goals, and we go out of our way to accommodate these by offering an array of administrative support services that allow our physicians to focus on practicing quality pediatric medicine. CAC is committed to excellence in all areas of care: clinical practice, education and community service. We look not only for the most qualified pediatric critical care, pediatric hospitalist and pediatric emergency physicians available, but also those who share this same commitment to excellence.

Because the group is owned and operated by pediatric physicians, CAC isn't a group that is run by accountants; it is run by doctors, specifically, doctors who understand what it takes to care for children in the clinical setting. We understand the importance of clinicians in making a practice successful and CAC provides guidance and opportunities for advancement, both professionally and financially, that reflect the value of the contributions of each physician-associate. Because of this, CAC associates are provided a unique and quality environment in which to grow and thrive as medical professionals.

Becoming a full-time associate with CAC can put you on a path toward ownership and profit-sharing without investing financially out of pocket. Ownership means that everyone is invested in the success of the practice and since each of our contracts is a stand-alone corporation, responsibility and decision-making are shared in a democratic process by each of the physician-owners locally, not by a distant corporate office. We believe this physician ownership model diminishes the shift-work approach, and provides physicians the opportunity to grow their own practice collectively as a unified team of invested shareholders. While CAC does not require that physicians work at more than their local site, our associates may choose to do so and that can lead to ownership in more than one of contracted corporations. The choice is yours depending on your needs and goals.

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